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Music, sound design, and audio mixing
Merritt Music Productions

MMP provides custom music, sound design, and mixing services to the television universe.

Chris Merritt has been scoring promos, themes, commercials, id's, network rebrands, song recreations, and who-knows-what-else for many fortnights.  He (I, me) thrives on simply being given a video and left to his own devices to deliver an awesome custom score.


I (he) have a network of musicians, drummers (separate from 'musicians,) singers, engineers, and performers of all types, ready at a moment's notice to help make an awesome promo or whatevs for you!


A multi-faceted performer, me (or it) will play many, most or all of the instruments myself, and use the industry's best sample sets available as needed.  And if you have the budget, we'll pull out the stops with the real players!


We (he? us?  I don't know anymore...) pride itself on being able to deliver that thing that you cannot even describe in words.  The emotion, power, and resonance that you needed to make your project take the next step into becoming 'a thing!'


Just give me a video of your project, with whatever audio you have, and let me (us, them, we, she, aliens) do the rest!

The excellent vocalist, Sarah Clapp sings her heart out

The talented Sarah Clapp recording some vox.

Chris Alpiar provides sax, trumpet, trombone and more from his studio in Atlanta

Recording at BeHip Studios with the multitalented Chris Alpiar.

Chris randomly pushes buttons in hopes of making the music sound better

Chris Merritt trying to look cool.

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