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Promo Scores

Music by Chris Merritt

Discovery Health

Powerful score that outlines the visuals

HGTV Solutions

Scored with a top and tail to button the content as well as a hit point for the reaction shot

NFL Network

NFL Network Promos

HGTV HD Image Promo

When HGTV went HD, they needed a score to help show their excitement!

Speed Premier Week

High energy score

National Trust Restore America

Interesting score in 5/4 (working copy vid)

Avacados From Mexico

Mexican flavor music scored to the spot!

HGTV Green Street

Setting the mood for a block of programming

JTV Jewelry Joy

Just say awe...

HGTV Restore America

Music designed to give a certain feeling

DiY Best Built Homes

Shows how a custom score can help bring fun to the spot.  (working copy video)

JTV Joy to the World

Although they used a different version of my music for the final, I had to share this fav of mine...

SpeedTV Championship Week

Music scored around sound bites and fast edits

Fine Living From the Ground Up

Modern style using the embedded audio to add effects

HGTV Hakone Gardens

A beautiful ethnic score featuring flutes and strings

HGTV Color Czars

Subtle scoring to carry it along

HGTV Bought and Sold

Fun and quirky score with lots of hit points

Designer Finals - Focus

Shows how custom music can make a dumb joke work a little better

JTV Birthstones - Revolution

Cool scoring effects (working video)

Speed Nascar

Heavy and energetic

Start at Home

Earthy score with guitars and flutes.

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