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Music by Chris Merritt

Hallmark Christmas Card

A beautiful score highlights this special gift

Museum of Art

Ecclectic Score to show curiosity and interest with a button for the cute ending

Time Warner Cable

Poor guy can't get a break

Travel Channel Hallmark

Custom score with a unique sound

Farm Rich

Only a custom score can hint on the marching band like that!

Grind Modern Burger

Custom score and sound design to make you hungry

Sneaky little buggers need a whoopin


Cool energy and vocals on this one

Amridge University

Custom score for sure


Put a thing on your wrist to track you!  Guvment approved...


Feeling good about blasting scales

Food Network - Hallmark

Modern and light Christmas score

Hallmark Card Presenter

Light score tailored to the reveal


Buy some drugs

DiY Great Garage Giveaway

Accenting the moves and such

Sherwin Williams Color Code

Using a theme in different ways for different colors.  Here's red.

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