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Network ID's and Image Spots

Scores by Chris Merritt - helping networks create their identity


Featuring real strings and beautiful voices

Fine Living ID Set

Four Id's with custom score and sound design to help set the mood for the network

NFL Logos and ID (x3)

Multiple options for the client.  Hard hitting.

Starz Logo Montage

They used the last version here

DiY Washing Machine ID

Notice anything about the rhythm?

AMC Complete Colletion ID's (X2)

With a serious touch

Fine Living - Your Time

Creating another feel and mood for the network

HGTV Hummingbirds

Each bird has her own voice in the score


Gets your attention by NOT being in your face.

HGTV Breathing Spaces Interstitial

Music scored to video to give a cool and fresh mood with a subtle motion to match the birds

HGTV Home Ideas Life

Eclectic Sounds and extreme stereo mix help breathe life to HGTV

HGTV New Image

From simple to powerful

Fine Living Image Spot

Defining the Sound of a Network

HGTV Drive Time Interstitial

With a great energy and build to the end

DiY Sewing ID

A cute and quick way to show their quirkiness

Fine Living - Your Time

Creating a feel and mood for the network

DiY Snowflake ID

Cute and to the point

HGTV Paint ID's (x2)

The first captures a mood and the second shows the value of scoring the emotion with a light touch.

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