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This one features a song that I wrote about Chad Bloch.  He was a new audio mixer, sound design / pro tools guy at Scripps, and at a group meeting he was so snottily know it all that I had to put him in his place.  Immediately after that meeting we discussed D&D and I knew we would be friends.  He's still pretty know it all, though (fine, maybe he is actually smart.)  I can say that, because I have spent many hours playing D&D with him, so I can say whatever I want about that loser.


This song does little more than say he likes to argue.  Which I used as a way to soften him up so we could be friends.  MANIPULATION!!!!


Completely original orchestrations using the old Roland SC-88, by the way...

Chad Bloch - Chris Merritt
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Chad Bloch

by Chris Merritt


He is assertive,

He is aggressive,

His way of arguing,

Slightly repressive.


Chad Bloch, Chad Bloch


He will confuse you,

He will alarm you,

He’ll disagree just

Simply to argue.


He is as vile and mean,

As any Troll you’ve seen,

He’ll surely have your head.


Is he a vegan,

Or a vegetarian,

I do not know,

But he is quite a contrary-one.


Chad Bloch, Chad Bloch


As mean as a Centaur,

He plays the guitar,

In Texas he was born,

He plays the French horn,


Chad Bloch, Chad Bloch


Manipulating data streams,

That’s what he does inside his dreams,

He will destroy us all.


Chad Bloch, Chad Bloch

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